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Each step of this leopard issued loud explosions.

Its massive frame toppled many peaks and trees nearby.

One tail swing split the ground to pieces, causing rocks to go flying.

The hidden spectators were scared out of their mind and instantly retreated to a safer point.

“Steel Leopard Formation, created by the empress herself!” One student shouted in astonishment.

“This one is only at the elementary level.” A student from Dawn put on a serious expression: “I heard the empress had created a formation called Divine Beast with unreal power like a divine beast is actually present.

People say it can kill a True Emperor.”

“Shes extraordinary, no wonder why she manages to recruit so many experts from True Dragon Court.

She must be ready to carry out her ambition.” A mighty student felt fear while looking at the beast.

Just one casual formation from her was already this powerful.

Just imagine the result of her actually being in combat.

“This array is also a beast formation.” A student versed in formations said: “Its fusing Wu Kes group power along with their beasts power, a perfect harmony between men and beast to achieve maximum power.

In my opinion, it should be able to challenge a ninth-level Ascender without a problem.”

“But can it stop one slash” A student asked with bated breath.

“Its hard to say but that student from Repentance shouldnt be able to exert the power of a progenitorial sword.” Another powerful student earnestly answered.

Ancestral treasures were undoubtedly powerful but also hard to control.

Without enough cultivation, one wouldnt be able to use them at all, let alone using them effectively.

In their eyes, even an excellent student from Repentance should have limited cultivation.

That guy simply wouldnt be able to control this sword.

“That depends on how smart the sword is.

If its truly sentient, it can activate its own power without needing a controller.

At the highest level, its slash can unleash the force of a progenitor.” An older student stared enviously at the sword.

A sentient treasure was far more precious and stronger than a regular one.

“Sure.” The powerful student replied: “A fully sentient sword will be able to protect its master against strong enemies and weapons.”

“Its about to start.” The spectators opened their eyes wide and didnt care about the winner.

They didnt want to miss a single detail of a progenitorial sword in action.

This would be a great learning experience.

“Brother Wu Ke, you can do it, block this slash and the sword is yours!” Zhang Dingyu shouted.

The group knew that it was impossible for them to have only purity in their heart and mind.

Everyone had evil intentions and nefarious thoughts since people werent perfect.

Only a saint would be the exception.

The only thing they could do was use their power to stop the slash.

“Go!” The leopard opened its mouth with words sounding like two metal plates grinding together, extremely unpleasant to the ears. 

“Very well, its time for you to face the light.” Li Qiye smiled and shouted: “All-illuminating light, chase away evil and purify darkness!”

“Buzz.” The sword became resplendent with holy rays shooting out in an endless manner.

The rays looked like tidal waves and eventually formed an ocean of light.

This gathering of power alerted people in the distance.

Many instantly looked over at the source.

“So majestic…” The students far away felt the power contained in this ocean of light.

Needless to say about the ones present, these spectators were astounded.

The power of light seemed omnipresent and engulfed them, turning them into tiny boats amidst an ocean.

“This has to be the feeling of being in the presence of a progenitor, right” Some students got down to the ground, unable to handle the pressure.

“Clank!” A sword hymn echoed through the nine firmaments as this power began to consolidate onto the sword.

It absorbed this force and turned it into sword energy.

These sword rays had a golden glow, infused with the power of the light.

They didnt have a violent or murderous affinity at all but the spectators were still horrified.

Even the strongest being would be crucified without being able to escape.

“Buzz.” One ray flew straight towards Zhang Dingyu.

“This, this has nothing to, to do with me! Im not facing the light!” Dingyu turned and fled while panicking.

He ran with all of his might but it wasnt enough.

He was fast but the ray was faster.

“No!” He took out defensive treasures in a futile attempt.

The ray cut through the treasures as if they were tofu and pierced his body.

“Buzz.” Tiny strands of holy light drilled out of his body, seemingly wanting to crack him open.

“Ahh!” After a pop, he exploded into bright particles and scattered to the ground.

Eventually, not a single trace of him remained as if he was never here in the first place.

“Complete purification…” One spectator got chills all over.

“Now!” The steel leopard bellowed and clawed towards Li Qiye.

Its sword-like claws emitted horrifying glints during the swing.

It wanted to seize the initiative by killing Li Qiye.

The sword would no longer have a master at that point.

“Boom!” The claw carried enough force to crush an entire mountain range.

“Clank!” Li Qiye didnt move at all since the sword automatically cut vertically forward, leaving a trail of holy light in its trajectory.

This blazing trail illuminated the world and left behind an indelible scar in the sky.

Fiery sparks went flying but the result was obvious.

The slash cut through the claw first then the rest of the leopards body, splitting it in half.

“Ahh… Ahhh!” The members of Divine Beast Legion got invaded by the holy strands.

“Boom!” They instantly exploded into particles, resulting in a beautiful scene like the illusory night sky full of stars.

Many were shaken.

This was their first time seeing death without blood and severed limbs.

The victims proof of existence scattered away in the form of these particles.

“Thats unreal…” One student was absolutely horrified.


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