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Everyone in Mountguard Sect, no, the entire system knew of this cave - the area where their progenitor searched for the dao and where he reincarnated after a cycle.

Prior to this, Jiahui considered this place to be a legend, a place she could never visit.

Today, this legendary location lay before her, causing her to palpitate.

She regained her composure and slowly carried Li Qiye towards the cave.

“Pop!” A powerful force greeted her the moment she made it to the entrance, causing her to go flying and crashing into the ground.

Light suddenly emerged from the dark cave.

These faint barriers seemed to have numerous grand dao circling around them.

Though they were faint, the barriers seemed to be the toughest things in existence.

Nothing could ever penetrate them.

Jiahui realized that there was a seal here, meaning that not everyone had permission to enter.

She didnt know what to do for she lacks the strength to break it.

No one in her sect could either.

Suddenly, a hand reached out from behind her, Li Qiyes hand.

He touched the barrier, resulting in pulsing ripples.

His hand exuded numerous runes that eventually fuse with the barrier.

“Pop!” A noise similar to a balloon popping came about and the barrier disappeared.

“Young Noble!” Jiahui was ecstatic to see him up because he has been slumbering the whole time.

Li Qiye didnt open his eyes nor answer.

He withdrew his palm and went back to before.

Jiahui was used to this state of his and carried him inside the cave.

She was stunned after entering, thinking that this was the wrong place.

The famous Immortal Demon Grotto looked just like an ordinary cave.

There was no immortal energy and pulsing divine light, no merit laws carved all over the walls either.

A cave similar to this one could be found everywhere in Mountguard.

Disciples of the sect would never believe that this was the legendary cave of their progenitor because of its unimpressive appearance.

She calmed down and looked around only to see a person sitting in the corner.

She became startled and took one step back.

It was an old man sitting in a meditative pose.

He wore a shabby robe and had no other ornaments.

He had a stalwart stature - just him sitting there gave a mighty feeling like that of a great mountain.

His beard draped down his chest, looking quite heroic.

The opening of his eyes seemed capable of intimidating the world.

There was no aura on him.

Perhaps he had been dead for a long time now because of all the dust on his robe.

If one wasnt attentive enough, they would think that he was just a statue in the corner.

“Who is this” Jiahui wondered.

Could this be their progenitor, Everlasting Forefather She shuddered after this.

However, she knew this couldnt be the case because their forefather had stopped his reincarnation cycle long ago.

The old sages would have found him here in the past.

Thus, she became curious about this old man choosing this place to die.

She came closer in order to have a better look at the old man.

She wanted to find out if he was a wise sage from Mountguard from the old generation.

“Boom!” The old man opened his eyes without warning the moment she got close.

The entire cave was illuminated by his gaze.

“Ah!” She stumbled backward since she thought he was dead.

His eyes looked like two suns capable of melting everything.

In the next moment, they became profound and able to contain the nine heavens and ten earths while deriving three thousand worlds.

He was stately without trying to do so.

Despite not having a powerful aura, his eyes belonged to a supreme above looking down on the rest.

People couldnt help wanting to prostrate.

She took a deep breath and looked straight at his eyes.

She wouldnt have the courage to do so in the past.

Her dao heart would have wavered, forcing her to drop down on her knees.

However, the previous experience has polished her dao heart.

At the very least, she could stare straight at him now.

The old man then stood up, giving a sense of immensity as if he was shouldering the high heaven.

All other living beings had to show their reverence at this sight.

Jiahui took another few steps back since she could sense an unstoppable power.

A single finger of his could annihilate her.

He took a quick glance at her.

This was more than enough for him to understand everything about her - from her background, cultivation, and foundation.

However, when he looked over at Li Qiye, he needed to focus his sight even more and releasing a dazzling light.

His supreme aura intensified greatly.

The gods and emperors would be suppressed before his presence.

Jiahui couldnt withstand this pressure.

Her legs became weak, on the verge of dropping to the ground.

A hand touched her shoulder and instilled a warm sensation coursing through her entire body.

It eradicated the pressure in entirety.

“Play nice now, dont scare the little girl.” Of course it was Li Qiye. 

“Young Noble!” Nothing else in the world gave her a sense of security like his voice.

She could finally breathe easily now with the pressure gone.

The old man tried to see through Li Qiye with his heavenly gaze.

Alas, he didnt see a single clue.

The guy was clearly unfathomable.

No one else could fully judge him.

To the rest of the world, he was an untouchable existence.

Thats why he could tell that Li Qiye was a terrifying being, not a person to be trifled with.

The guy was at a far higher level than him. 

One would be hard-pressed to find someone stronger than the old man in this world.

However, this youth was clearly above him.

The worst part was that he knew nothing about this person.

“Where are you from, Dao Brother” He took a deep breath and withdrew his gaze before bowing respectfully.



The brother here is older brother, it usually is to show respect


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