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His servants would follow Luciditys orders to the teeth without uttering a single word of displeasure.

This showed his absolute authority and power.

Thus, Li Qiye enjoyed the highest treatments in this palace - luxurious clothes and expensive delicacies straight to him.

He could call for rain and winds at his whim.

To put it bluntly, if Li Qiye wanted to eat steamed dragon meat and boiled phoenix bladder, these servants would rack their brains in order to come up with the meals.

In Nine Secrets, his orders were absolute.

No one would dare to carry them out half-heartedly or with delay.

Li Qiye was no different from a crown prince in this place; many became envious of his current privilege.

Cultivators didnt quite chase after pleasures and benefits, but at this level, it became an issue of power and freedom to do whatever they wanted.

The esteemed guest of Lucidity naturally had authority - a feeling of being below just one person and above everyone else! More than enough influence to shake Imperial Lineage.

Li Qiye didnt have anything to do outside of meditating in his room.

At this moment, the Primordial Trees second dao fruit almost ripened.

Once this happened, a new experience would come for Li Qiye.

This dao fruit would be different from the first.

Each successful dao fruit was different for this tree.

Each fruit had its own mysteries and abilities.

Because of this, he was about to open a new world of dao and epoch.

The abilities granted by them were unreachable too.

Others would find it virtually impossible to gain them through other means.

He didnt go to see Lucidity during his stay.

Strangely enough, this king never asked for his identity or tried to pry for information.

Nevertheless, he still treated Li Qiye so well.

Li Qiye didnt care too much about the kings attitude towards him as if this was a trivial matter.

Meanwhile, the king wasnt doing well, completely bedridden.

Lengying remained by his side the entire time.

Li Qiyes attitude was strange as well, not asking about the kings condition at all, completely oblivious to the matter or so it seemed.

Since Lucidity wanted to go back to the court, Silver Secret Legion mobilized on the second day.

Despite carrying a large palace and traveling in great numbers, the legions speed was incredible - as fast as the wind.

Just one day and they had traveled across half the system.

Their thunderous march naturally attracted everyones attention.

In fact, whether it be Lucidity alone or with an army, he would always garner curious gazes.

After all, he was the most powerful figure in Imperial right now.

In recent years, his health deteriorated yet he still hasnt appointed a successor.

This made people watch his every move even more.

Remember, Nine Secrets was one of the three behemoths and Lucidity had complete control over it.

The moment he passed away, so many people would go crazy in a power struggle.

Thus, whoever inherited this spot would change the fate of War Saint Dynasty, Nine Secrets System, and the current political climate of Imperial.

A storm would come on that day, one strong enough to shake the entire world.

In Nine Secrets, the thousands and thousands of sects and clans quietly watched the march of this legion, including great powers such as Waterfront Pavilion, Bingchi Clan, Calm Lotus Monastery, Myriad Formation Kingdom, and Godstep Sect.


Everyone backed off or even prepared the path before the legion has arrived.

Lucidity didnt need to give the order.

The sects within Nine Secrets knew to do so beforehand while maintaining orders.

Furthermore, none dared to come seeking an audience or offering a tribute either without his permission.

The great powers didnt dare to do so as well.

Once again, as long as Lucidity was alive, he had absolute power - completely untouchable by anyone else in the system.

Of course, he couldnt stop people from quietly talking among themselves.

“I wonder if His Majesty has found a longevity medicine.” One True God murmured.

The juniors didnt dare to comment about Lucidity.

Only the ancestors of the Ascender level and up would dare to talk about him.

“I dont think so.” One Eternal was quite insightful: “If they had found it, the legion wouldnt be marching in such a hurry.

Look at them rushing back to the court.

That day is near.”

The Ascenders and Eternals in this party became shaken.

The death of Lucidity would herald an earth-shattering event.

“Its close, he cant hold on no matter how heaven-defying he is.” An ancestor from a clan whispered.

Lucidity had reigned for three generations now, utilizing incredible methods and longevity medicine to stay alive.

Alas, no one could live forever by escaping the flow of time, unless they were to seal themselves.

This was the reason why so many emperors and Eternals would leave for Immortal or some unknown dimensions.

All aimed to live longer.

It was already a miracle for Lucidity to live this long.

Everyone knew that his lifespan had depleted since several years ago.

Powerful ancestors calculated that he didnt have much time left.

The purpose of his trip was to search for more medicine but it looked like a failure.

Was Imperial ready for the aftermath of this supreme existences death

Not to mention the various great powers, none in his own dynasty could infringe on his sovereignty.

The entire system was firmly under his grasp.

The throne of tyranny would be empty overnight.

Most importantly, he didnt have a son or an appointed successor!

The void left behind by him would start a bloody struggle from both internal and external sources. 

Nevertheless, even when he had one breath remaining, these parties remained patient.

They knew that he had no qualm against genocide, not to mention his Silver Secret Legion and Sun Lengying.

Too many lessons of failure have been taught during his long reign.

No one was successful in trying to usurp him.

All they got was a terrible ending.

These powers have already mobilized their troops.

The only thing missing was the news of Luciditys death.

“A storm is coming.” One ancestor said.

The great powers in this system were even stronger than some systems.

If it wasnt for Luciditys abilities, they would have rebelled long ago.

Who knows if Li Qiye was sensing this fierce and murderous atmosphere He wouldnt give a damn either way.


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