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“Crack!” The draconic shield started to crack and could collapse at any moment.

Everyone watched with bated breath.

If Dracoform could successfully break through the devils defense, the yang affinity of this white tiger might be able to restrain the darkness and decapitate the monster.

Victory and defeat relied on this move since Dracoform was burning his own lifespan and blood.

It looked like he wanted to go down together with the monster.

This move could be considered his strongest.

If it wasnt enough, then his defeat was assured.

Not only would he die, but the rest of the martial court would falter as well.

“Oo!” The devil roared and widened its jaws, wanting to devour all of Vermillion in order to grow stronger.

“Rumble!” The court spewed out brilliant laws all around the land.

These laws wove together to form divine iron chains, wanting to seal the area while issuing loud cranking sounds.

All of the ancestors from Vermillion were activating the power of the system in order to create laws from the dao source and prevent the devil from absorbing more energy.

Loud explosions ensued in this struggle.

On one side were the sealing chains and on the other, the devil continued to swallow everything it could.

However, the devil used to be a part of Martial Ancestor.

In the end, these chains failed and broke down to pieces.

Worldly essence and numerous creatures got devoured.

This time - a radius of one million miles.

The crowd was horrified.

As this devil grew stronger, its appetite increased as well.

Just one inhale was enough to consume such a great distance now.

“Boom!” With a more radiating black glow, its dragon blew away the white tiger.

The creature was so much stronger than before.

The thing then created a fat monster with a mouth large enough to eat everything.

“Moon-devouring Glutton!” Dracoform was stunned again by one of their lost variations.

“Boom!” This monster swallowed the white tiger so Dracoform suffered a backlash.

His body exploded with fleshy bits flying everywhere.

His true fate fell to the ground like a shooting star and penetrated the ground.

The spectators didnt want to see this development at all.

Mu Shaochen was gloating: “Haha, it doesnt look like your court wont be able to enjoy my gift of bringing these variations back.”

The crowd was silent.

Vermillion brought this upon themselves.

“Bam!” Dracoforms true fate flew out of the pit.

It only had a faint glow now.

“Buzz.” He created his body again.

Alas, his aura was numerous times weaker than earlier.

The paled martial artists hands were trembling while holding the truncheon.

He felt fear because he didnt have the power to fight anymore.

He burned his lifespan and true blood earlier yet still failed to match that heart devil, losing his body in the process.

His weakened vitality lowered his battle potential.

Even if he could reach his peak state again, the heart devil had grown so much stronger now.

Of course, he didnt care about his own life but he couldnt watch the destruction of his Vermillion, especially when he was the main contributor.

How could he have the gall to meet his ancestors in the afterlife

“Its over, Dracoform Martial God cant fight anymore.” The ancestors glanced at each other after seeing this terrible development for both Vermillion and Myriad.

Vermillion was about to be destroyed, and the same fate might happen to Myriad Lineage.

They felt that once this heart devil reached the same power as Martial Ancestor, who could actually stop this calamity

Alas, no one could help Dracoform right now because doing so was the same as suiciding, completely pointless.

Even the number one expert couldnt do anything.

Others would just come and die instantly.

The gap here couldnt be made up by pure number alone.

Only Li Qiye was relaxed while watching this whole thing.

“Young Noble, please save our Vermillion Martial Court.” Wu Bingning quietly begged while standing beside him.

Due to the disaster, the ancestors have released her.

He only smiled back in response.

She held his hand tightly and continued: “Young Noble, only you can help us, please save our system.”

“Silly girl.” He gently stroked her soft hair and said: “How can I refuse you”

He let go of her hand and started walking towards the heart devil.

“Fiercest, hes gonna give it a shot!” The crowd was shocked.

Some had a strange and complex expression on their face.

Prior to this, Fiercest was fighting against Dracoform to the death.

But now, he wanted to save Vermillion 

They didnt expect this sudden development at all.

Nevertheless, people did heave a sigh of relief.

Perhaps Fiercest was the only person in Myriad who can defeat this heart devil since he was so unfathomable.

Of course, they didnt view him as a fierce and unreasonable man anymore, more of a potential savior at this point.

“He has to do it, or its over for Myriad!” A few placed their palms together and started to pray.

They couldnt find anyone else stronger than him right now.

If he were to lose, then no one would be able to stop this heart devil from wreaking havoc across Myriad Lineage.

So many systems would fall as a result.

The heart devil immediately turned around with a serious glare.

Though one couldnt quite see its feature, this reaction was one of fear.

It was still far inferior to Martial Ancestor, but as a part of this progenitor, he could be considered a being on the same level.

His instinct and intuition exceeded everyone else.

Because of this, though Li Qiye looked rather harmless, the thing viewed him as a monstrous threat, its biggest one.

“Thats more like it, otherwise, it would be embarrassing to have such an ignorant devil heart.” Li Qiye chuckled.

The devil tried to see through Li Qiye but this was impossible.

This guy had concealed everything; no one could read him.

“Li Qiye!” Mu Shaochen gritted his teeth after seeing this interference: “Youre trying to mess up my plan again!”

“Thats not all, Ill be taking your dog life too, but dont worry.

You dont die that fast.

Ill make sure your clan will be able to hear you scream.

They, along with all my foes, will tremble soon for I will be ascending to Imperial.” Li Qiye replied with enjoyment.

Mu Shaochens expression became ugly after hearing this.


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