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The frog stole everyones attention.

No one knew where it came from.

“Belch.” The cauldron was hiccuping, looking quite full.

This purposely-vexing appearance worked; everyone wanted to beat it up.

All the flame here got taken by it to the chagrin of the crowd.

Now everyone realized that when Li Qiye said he wanted the entire pond, it wasnt actually for himself but rather this frog.

The ancestors here were treated worse than a frog.

They naturally became angry, hating the frog and also its master.

A while ago, the big shots and ancestors didnt try to take any side.

That was a feud between Miracle and Li Qiye so they didnt want to get involved.

But now, his frog had taken their lotus flames.

Their gaze at him was no longer as friendly as before.

Some were extremely furious.

Many were more than willing to fight Li Qiye right now, perhaps kicking him several times to rid themselves of grievances.

The spectators didnt feel the same way.

As stated prior, they were annoyed at the monopoly of the pond by the big shots and clan members.

So now, Li Qiyes frog was making them feel better.

“Li, you have crossed the line.

Do you not give a damn about the rest of the world” Miracle angrily shouted.

“Youre right.” Li Qiye answered without looking at the guy: “Few in this world can get into my sight, and certainly not your group, so why should I give a damn”

Both Miracle and numerous ancestors didnt take this comment in stride.

“Li, do you dare to come out and fight! I want to see how capable you are!” Miracle cried out with an ugly expression.

“Challenging the young noble when you cant even take me on You dont know your own limit.” Bingning sneered at Miracle.

Miracles expression turned red.

The young geniuses and ancestors here didnt express their attitude.

She was saying that they must get past her before challenging him.

Of course, they didnt feel that she was being arrogant.

She was qualified to do so, strong enough to fight anyone among the three young nobles.

Plus, her involvement in the alliance wasnt something everyone could do.

Not all of the big shots or even the young nobles would dare to do so.

All wanted to live instead of being buried with Insane Court.

But this wasnt the case for Wu Bingning.

She risked her promising future to march.

This courage and confidence alone overshadowed those before her.

Li Qiye ignored the group and casually raised his hand.

The lava from the pond suddenly surged as if the whole place was exploding.

“Retreat!” One ancestor was astonished and commanded, leaving the valley with haste.

Everyone else also retreated right away.

Even masters would fall after being submerged under this lava.

They all knew the power of the lava here.

“Boom!” The lava level continued to raise just like a volcanic eruption.

There seemed to be no end in sight as they poured out of the ground.

“Buzz.” A strange sound occurred.

This monstrous lava was melting the sky itself and the temperature was rising.

The lava from the depth was even hotter than the one on the surface.

The slightest contact would melt the body instantly, leaving a big hole behind. 

This surging liquid instantly surrounded Li Qiye and Bingning, wishing to eradicate them completely.

A flame emerged around Li Qiye, nullifying the heat from the lava completely.

At the same time, a flower with a cold flame appeared beneath Bingning.

This flame covered her completely and any lava that struck it became cold as well.

The crowd was stunned at this sight, not knowing what the duo was up to.

“Are they suicidal” One big shot murmured.

A flame was dancing around Li Qiyes palm.

The lava was quite thick but it was being melted by this new flame.

It didnt take long before a hole was melted out of the lava surrounding them.

However, what they saw was not the outside world but rather a new dimension with extreme heat.

He touched her forehead and his own flame covered both her and her flower.

“Lets go.” They traveled through the hole in the lava and reached another place.

Their disappearance made the endless lava fall down back to the pond.

It was as if nothing had happened.

“Where are they” One clan disciple asked: “Are they ashes now”

“Its not that simple.

Something is going on.” A powerful ancestor became serious.

Alas, he didnt know the exact answer.

This related to a secret unbeknown to them.

This was the reason why Alchemy Immortal dragged the land of the fire source down to his own system.

People began to leave since the lotus flames were all taken.

Some waited outside but the duo didnt appear again after a long time so they gave up as well, including the still-furious Miracle.

He was infuriated not only because Li Qiye killed Wu Lian and humiliated him in front of the crowd.

The jealous struck him worse, his crush was actually so close to Li Qiye.

His eyes flashed a murderous bloodthirst before leaving.

He swore that he would kill Li Qiye sooner or later, regardless of the guys identity. 

“Who is that Li guy His relationship with the goddess is special.” One ancestor thought to himself.

After all, any man who could earn Bingnings favor was definitely extraordinary.

Alas, the older people here didnt recognize him.

Meanwhile, the young crowd was overwhelmed with envy and jealousy so they didnt think about anything else.


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