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h!” Immediately enraged, the person inside the ancient coffin summoned a treasure.

“Boom!” At this moment, the heaven and earth turned pale as the celestials plummeted.

Myriads of dao were screaming as the heaven’s will retreated! A treasure flew out, causing numerous people to kneel on the ground.

Thunders cracked down in the air, but Ancient Sky City’s countless universal laws protected the city with the lingering fear that this invincible treasure would create a crater in this area.

“Immortal Emperor Life Treasure!” A pale person emphatically screamed.

The moment this treasure appeared, endless rolling emperor’s power and immortal intent surged.

Not only Ancient Sky City, but countless characters in the Grand Middle Territory felt this vast torrential power.

“Who is using an Immortal Emperor Life Treasure!” At this moment, countless eyes were looking towards Ancient Sky City’s direction!

In the blink of an eye, the power of the Grand Dao in this world was sucked out as the essence of the heaven and earth all supported this Immortal Emperor’s Life Treasure!

The Immortal Emperor Life Treasure was just like the arrival of an Immortal Emperor.

It was not something that an Emperor’s Possession or an Emperor’s Decree could compare with!

“It is over…” At this time, the group of Chi Yun turned so pale that they were as white as sheets of paper.

They would definitely become annihilated once this Life Treasure struck down.

Even Niu Fen’s expression greatly sank as he was in a daze.

“Immortal Emperor Life Treasure.” At this moment, Li Qiye, standing on top of the Tetra-War Bronze Chariot, narrowed his eyes.

“Bang!” A loud explosion directly pounded on Ancient Sky City.

In this very second, Li Qiye did not take action, and neither did Niu Fen.

Suddenly, in a corner of Ancient Sky City, there was a withered hand reaching out.

This hand came from above, encompassing even the soaring Immortal Emperor Life Treasure.

“Bang–bang–bang!” Countless clear sounds resounded as all of Ancient Sky City shook like it was the end of the world.

Who knew how many people lost their minds from fear inside the city.

As the hand slowly pushed down, both the Immortal Emperor Life Treasure and the ancient coffin were both completely suppressed.

Inside the Heavenly Grotto of the Ancient Kingdom, ancient chambers and jade pavilions collapsed one after another as the earth itself was sinking.

“Bang!” Finally, after a deafening explosion, everyone witnessed a shocking scene.

The ancient coffin and the Immortal Emperor Life Treasure were pressed into the ground — below the mud — along with the collapsing buildings.

In a flash, this large crater was completely buried.

Everyone froze with their mouths wide open; they were unable to close them for a long time!

“Noisy!” After burying the ancient coffin and the Immortal Emperor Life Treasure, the hand disappeared as a voice slowly descended from the sky!

After hearing this voice, Li Shuangyan and Chen Baojiao were stunned as their minds quaked! It was because they had heard of this voice before… The old ghost! The voice of the old ghost from the small shop!

Only they knew — at this time — that the old ghost was the one who took action! With just one action, he shocked everyone.

With just one hand, he easily suppressed an Immortal Emperor Life Treasure underground.

Even though he couldn’t destroy the Immortal Emperor Life Treasure, but to directly trap it underground, one could only imagine how terrifying this old ghost was.

At this moment, they finally understood the old ghost’s disastrous power and why their young noble wanted the old ghost to owe him a favor!

They then stared at their young noble, but Li Qiye was still calmly standing on top of the Tetra-War Bronze Chariot as if everything was within his expectations!

The spectators, with their mouths open, still haven’t closed them for their souls have not yet returned! This was an Immortal Emperor Life Treasure ah, yet it was pressured by a person with just his bare hand.

This, this was too illogical.

After a while, the confused crowd finally came back and rubbed their eyes.

After seeing the collapsed buildings of the Ancient Kingdom, they knew that this was not a dream!

“Who…” It took a long time before people began to think about the question revolving in their minds.

Enlightened Beings, Ancient Saints, and even the hidden undying old men who came into being didn’t dare to make a single noise.

It was as if they were afraid of disturbing the unparalleled giant sleeping in Ancient Sky City!

One hand dominating over an Immortal Emperor Life Treasure! One had to know that this Emperor’s weapon was unleashed by one of the Ancient Kingdom’s Nine Ancestors.

This was an extremely terrifying blow.

If it was unleashed on top of the Grand Middle Territory, it would be able to sink a massive amount of land!

However, this Immortal Emperor Life Treasure attack that was capable of killing the gods and decapitating the devils was subdued into the ground by one hand, and the ancestor’s fate inside the coffin was unknown as well!

At this time, all great characters, sect masters, sacred lords, mortal kings… They all stopped breathing inside Ancient Sky City, not daring to make any loud noises out of fear of the unparalleled giant in the city! Just this one word “noisy” was as heavy as millions of jin! This word alone was enough to show the attitude of this sleeping giant.

At this time, countless people were only glancing at each other and didn’t dare to discuss.

This event might just be the most tranquil moment of Ancient Sky City within the last ten thousand years.

One could even hear the sound of a needle dropping within this huge city.

The Azure Mysterious Ancient Kingdom was extremely unlucky.

Its Immortal Emperor Life Treasure woke up a sleeping unparalleled giant, so its treasure and ancestor were both pressed into the ground!

“An Immortal Emperor Life Treasure does not mean invincibility.

Even an Immortal Emperor True Treasure is not necessarily invincible.” In the end, Li Qiye, standing on top of the bronze chariot, lazily spoke.

Li Qiye being the first to talk again finally relieved everyone.

At this time, they began to breath again, but they remained extremely cautious.

No matter who it was, they were all afraid of waking the sleeping giant.

At this time, Li Qiye controlled the bronze chariot and slowly entered the Ancient Kingdom’s mansion.

The group of Chi Yun also calmed down and quickly followed Li Qiye.

The mansion inside the Ancient Kingdom’s Heavenly Grotto was much larger than it seemed from the outside.

This was a naturally formed Heavenly Grotto.

There were not only ancient chambers and heavenly pavilions everywhere, but there were also curving mountain ranges.

There were still many Ancient Kingdom disciples, including Royal Nobles, Enlightened Beings, and even Ancient Saints, presiding inside!

This was the power of a sect with two emperors.

Compared to great sects and countries, it was hard for them to have Ancient Saints during the Difficult Dao Era, but the Ancient Kingdom was able to send Ancient Saints out to protect the field!

Although there were powerful Enlightened Beings and Ancient Saints in the grotto, but at this time, they could only watch Li Qiye bring the others inside.

Even Ancient Saints at the level of Grand Saint would not easily take action at this time!

The hand from earlier that suppressed their ancestor and Immortal Emperor Life Treasure had completely shattered their morale.

Even the powerful Ancient Saints had dread and fear in their minds as they trembled and didn’t dare to make any loud noises, afraid of waking up the unparalleled giant one more time!

Li Qiye entered this grotto as if he was taking a stroll in his own courtyard — completely relaxed and comfortable.

At this time, the hatred of many Royal Nobles of the Ancient Kingdom towards Li Qiye permeated deep in their bones, but they didn’t dare to do anything!

Eventually, an old man quickly welcomed Li Qiye as he bowed down while clasping his fists together and busily said: “This person must be Young Noble Li.

This matter only began with a few people of the younger generation who didn’t know any better, this was why we have this kind of conflict.”

“Younger generation not knowing any better” From arrogance to respect, seeing the sudden change in the Ancient Kingdom’s attitude caused Li Qiye to burst out in laughter as he said: “Then the old man lying in that coffin is also a junior of your Azure Mysterious Ancient Kingdom”

Li Qiye’s words immediately changed this old man’s expression, but he managed to settle down his anger.

Today, the situation was disadvantageous for their Ancient Kingdom.

Their ancestor’s fate was still unknown after being pressed underground.

At this second, even if they couldn’t endure this humiliation any longer, they still had to bite their teeth and swallow this animosity!

“This time, my Azure Mysterious Ancient Kingdom has offended…” The old man was an experienced character and had witness countless waves and winds.

In this key moment, he took a deep breath and bowed to say: “This time, my Azure Mysterious Ancient Kingdom is willing to pay for all of the damages.

As long as Young Noble Li says the word, we will absolutely agree!”

The old man truly was a character capable of accomplishing great tasks with his swift decisiveness.

Even though this was hard to swallow, he still bit his teeth to accept that it was their fault.

To them, at this time, nothing was more important than digging out their ancestor, so the old man had no other choice but to acquiesce!

“Young Noble, even while killing, we should still spare someone a living path…” Seeing an original elder of the Ancient Kingdom accept their defeat, Chi Yun couldn’t help but gently speak.

However, only half of the sentence came out; it was not his place to say more.

In this situation, Li Qiye had the final say.

Li Qiye glanced at Chi Yun without saying anything!

Li Qiye understood that the Nine Saint Demon Gate did not want to wage war against the Azure Mysterious Ancient Kingdom.

They had not yet appeased the War God Temple.

Without its absolute support, the Nine Saint Demon Gate truly did not have the courage to wage war against the Ancient Kingdom!

“Against my enemies, I had always behead all of them!” Li Qiye then stared at the Ancient Kingdom’s old man.

Li Qiye’s declaration shocked the old man.

Their Ancient Kingdom had never been afraid of trouble, but under the circumstances today, they couldn’t afford not to bend down unless they truly wanted to fight desperately till the end! However, it was still unknown whether their ancestor buried underground was dead or alive, and nothing was more important than taking him out!

“However, since the Nine Saint Demon Gate — as the victim — is willing to let this matter go, it is not my place to say otherwise.” Li Qiye subtly glanced at Chi Yun.

It could be said that Li Qiye was giving Chi Yun some face, as well as the Nine Saint Demon Gate.

This was the outcome of Chi Yun and the gate truly supporting him!

Chi Yun was not foolish, and he knew that Li Qiye was giving him some consideration, so he busily bowed his head.


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