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The old man had a dejected expression.

His weather beaten-heart was still stirred because the great number of resources was accumulated over many generations from many beings.

The entire world became a hellish incubator…

He eventually looked at Li Qiye and said: “Whats your military potential How many emperors in your epoch are on your side for this battle” 

“Not even one, just me alone.” Li Qiye chuckled.

The old man didnt expect this answer.

He shook his head in response: “You are very amazing but thats not enough here since I know the overlord youre aiming for very well.

Just you and me, well only be heading to our death.” 

“No, to be exact, youre the main force on that day, Ill only be supporting.

Victory or defeat will be up to you.” Li Qiye said.

“Im afraid youll be disappointed then.

If I could defeat that overlord alone, I would have done so long ago.

I cant beat him, not even with your help.” The old man gently shook his head again.

“Dont forget, we have two peerless dao hearts between you and me, what power do you think will result from this” Li Qiye calmly said: “It will certainly bring you back to your peak state then double it! Now, think about it, is this enough to defeat him”

The old man was indeed moved and carefully thought about this particular scenario.

“Let our dao hearts be the decider since they have cost us half an epoch!” Li Qiye proclaimed.

The old man halted his rumination and said: “With our dao hearts Its possible, but I am no longer me in the past.

I cant return to my top state, just exerting fifty percent of my battle potential is the best I can do.”

“I know, thats why I have prepared a gift for you.” Li Qiye chuckled and took out something from his chest pocket and placed it in front of the old man: “I have spent generations and great effort searching for this.”

This was the Elusive Heavenly Vase, the thing Immortal Emperor Qian Li left behind for him under the willow tree.

The old man took it and opened the cork.

There was a golden liquid inside that looked like flowing sand.

Moreover, there was something else moving within.

It emitted a different golden light than the water in the form of strings.

This thing was taken from the secret grotto protected by Di Wei at the Imperial Border.

“You actually found this thing” The old man was surprised and looked up at Li Qiye after seeing the item.

“Nothing is impossible for the willing heart.” Li Qiye chuckled: “Of course, it wont let you heal completely but reverting you to your old peak state should be fine, Im certain of it.”

“Well see when the time comes.” The old man nodded.

“Very well, then we shall initiate the battle to kill the overlord and fulfill your wish in the process.” Li Qiye chuckled.

The two talked for a long time in order to polish the little details of the coming battle without leaving out a single possibility.

After all, they were about to face a terrible being.

Even a twelve-will emperor might not come out without leaving some limbs behind.

After finalizing the plan, it was time for Li Qiye to leave.

“You know, we must win this.” The old man said.

Li Qiye who was about to leave looked back and said: “If we cant even win this, no point in talking about the final battle.

This will only be an appetizer at best.”

“Indeed.” The old man agreed.

Li Qiye started walking but he turned around and added: “Old man, you do know that you will die.”

“I know, and you know too.” The old man calmly said: “How can we win if I survive”

“In this battle, victory is not the only thing we want, your death is a must too.” Li Qiyes words seemed quite cold.

“Yes, the world still need a saint, the ones walking in the light and those hiding in the shadows must be reminded of this.” The old man was unperturbed when talking about this issue.

“Right.” Li Qiye paused for a bit before speaking: “Only by lighting up a saint like you will we be able to illuminate the heart of the people, both those trying to walk forward or those stuck in stagnation.

You will be a lamp in the darkness, leading the way and threatening the shadows.”

“Because of this, you came here not only to kill and steal the overlords treasure, but you also want me to die in order to illuminate the world.” The old man slowly said.

“Thats right, my second goal in coming to the wildland.” Li Qiye said softly: “Brave words and beautiful promises are empty and meaningless.

In the darkness, both the wavering and those who believe require a light to guide them.”

“You are doing this as preparation for your future battle.” The old man stated.

“Thats right.

I will be gone in the future.

After one epoch after another, will people actually believe in the light After more sages failed, would anyone believe that there is an end to this path In the long, tortuous years, no one would dare claim that they are insusceptible to giving up.

Because of this, I want to let the future people know that there is a Saint in this world.

He spent half of an epoch and is still not giving up even after the destruction of his own.

As long as the darkness is undying, he is eternal! Light shall pass down for generations, so I must light you up!” Li Qiyes words were gentle at this point.

“Someone needs to do this in the end, either you or me.” The old man revealed a warm smile.

“I am a butcher, so let this butcher light your lamp.” Li Qiye smiled and added: “If there is a reincarnation cycle in the future, I might never be a part of it.”

“Who would crave for it Not you and me.” The old man couldnt help but smile.

Li Qiye nodded and was about to leave again.

“Dark Crow.” The old man called for him so he turned his head back.

“You must be successful, tell yourself that.” The old man became quite serious, both in his tone and facial expression.

Li Qiye took a deep breath and pointed at this heard: “I shall change everything, the world requires my victory.”

The old man smiled: “See you, Dark Crow.

I might not have the chance to say this later.”

“See you, Saint.” Li Qiye finally left for good this time.

He didnt wish for Saint to see his moistened eyes because lighting up Saint was quite similar to lighting him up.

They were the same type of people with the same dao heart, albeit, from two different epochs.

Saint wanted to save his world while Li Qiye wanted to rid his world of evil.

One was a savior while the other a butcher.

The truth was that they had the same goal.


Wildlad Heaven Emperor entered a desolate location in the wildland with peaks piercing the sky like wolf fangs.

They looked like a set of teeth, revealing a frightening scene.

There was also a bottomless abyss after the mountains looking as if it was connected straight to hell.

The nether winds assaulting the newcomers only gave further validation to this feeling.

Though many knew that this was a dangerous location, the ones right behind the young emperor couldnt help entering.

They were certain that he was here to find some treasures.

Thus, they took the risk to follow in order to pick up the potential scraps left behind.

At the same time, they also wanted to see the power of an emperor and the Heavens Will.

After all, not just anyone could witness an emperor going all out.

It would be a life worth living to see this particular spectacle.

The juniors, led by Shi Hunlin, have also entered this mountain range.

Eventually, the young emperor stopped on one mountain and looked around before speaking: “This is it, exactly like the records.”

With that, with one hand up and the other down, he created a series of explosions causing the earth to quake.

Next, he threw down a one-sided imperial banner piercing through the mountain range.

After a complete penetration, his aura permeated the entire place.

These imperial strands drilled into each inch of the earth before reaching the deepest area.


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