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Chapter 1795: Arrival Of The Imperial Princess

Jilin Princess was a title with boundless charisma in this region.

It represented supreme authority and matchless beauty.

There was no one who didn’t know this title.

She was the golden daughter and official successor of the Jilin.

No one enjoyed the same spotlight as she did in the clan.

She wasn’t just a pretty flower vase to be looked at.

Her strength matched her impeccable talents on top of having a mighty and mysterious bloodline.

He debut was late compared to imperial candidates like Jin Ge and Qin Baili.

The latter two were already world-renowned when she started her journey.

When she had gained some fame, the two were competing for the Heaven’s Will.

However, the clan was still very optimistic about her future and thought that she still had a chance to become a monarch.

Thus, they poured all resources into her.

She did not let them down.

Within a short ten years, her fame soared along with her cultivation with few rivals.

This was the reason why people considered her the strongest of the young generation on top of being the prettiest in Pure.

Whether she was the prettiest or not was up for debate.

However, her overall package was virtually the best in the Jilin territories, earning her some well-deserved prestige.

She was the lover in many young men’s dream and the idol in the mind of the young lasses.

Thus, when Shen Jinlong told everyone the news, not just the peak but the entire ominous ground exploded with excitement and happiness.

“I can finally see Her Highness now.” One young man who had never seen her before seemed to be spellstruck with wandering thoughts.

“She’s as beautiful as an immortal, meeting her once is a life not wasted.” Those who have seen her before were still as ecstatic and quickly rushed towards the peak.

They were completely enamored on first sight and couldn’t escape, completely bewitched by her peerless appearance.

Even the female cultivators were just as excited and rushed to the peak.

“The Jilin Princess is coming!” Shen Xiaoshan standing by her master in the remote corner was shaken as well. 

She has always been a big fan of the princess so to see her in person today was an exciting event.

He Chen felt the same way after hearing many stories about the princess.

Of course, he was aware of his own limitation and had no daydreaming thoughts about her.

Just watching from the distant was already fun enough and would be a great conversational topic for the future.

Unlike the thrilled youths, Tieshu Weng became slightly worried.

If this was any other day, he would love to climb up a behemoth like the Jilin.

However, his mind was troubled with a bad premonition.

Intuition told him that something big was going to happen.

“We need to have a grand ceremony to welcome the imperial princess even though this is a desolate place.” One cultivator wanted to show off.

“That’s right.” Many parroted this notion, wanting to take advantage of this opportunity.

It wasn’t easy for the great powers to meet the princess.

Everyone wanted to leave a good impression since this was beneficial for their sect’s future.

“Gentlemen, since we kinsmen are here at Mad God Ominous Ground, let us go together to greet Her Highness.” In the end, Shen Jinlong who had the highest status here decided.

“Yes, let’s do it.” Another expert instantly supported.

The peak became rambunctious with people running everywhere to make the peak more presentable.

“All of you, sweep away all the leaves here and remove every single footprint for me!” Wang Xiaotian decided to scold at Tieshu Weng’s group in the corner.

He wanted to use this opportunity to find reasons to kill the group.

This, in turn, could allow him to show off his strict style to the other kings and lords here and satisfy his vanity.

He Chen and Xiaoshan glared angrily at him.

They were indeed from a tiny sect without any status so being treated as errand boys was understandable.

However, the particular task was senseless.

The prince simply wanted to humiliate them.

“You!” The easily agitated He Chen immediately shouted but Tieshu Weng stopped him.

“Oh Not listening The princess is about to arrive, if anyone here won’t cooperate, kill without mercy!” Wang Xiaotian sneered with a stern gaze.

This was moving exactly as his plan.

“My disciple is too young and ignorant, I’ll do a better job of teaching them.

We’ll leave right now to carry out the task.” Weng was an experienced person and knew that opposing the prince now was simply courting death. 

He brought his disciples to go pick up leaves and sweep the paths to the peak.

Xiaotian could only snort after hearing this.

Weng was too cooperative so if he overly forced the issue, it would hurt his image in front of everyone.

In just a short time, this desolate peak was completely dressed up with lanterns, flowers, and lush trees.

Pavilions rose from the ground with bridges connecting across the peak.

One expert performed an amazing technique to gather chaos energy and auspicious clouds around the place.

This peak now looked like an immortal’s dwelling.

On the pinnacle were magnificent buildings with tables laid out inside, ladened with fruits and decorative flowers.

Everyone wanted to use this chance to impress the princess.

One smart cultivation even especially prepared a chair for Shen Jinlong next to her throne.

He flattered: “Only someone like young lord is worthy to be next to the princess.”

The big shots here glanced at each other after seeing this.

It was indeed a bootlicking move but it wasn’t completely wrong.

Shen Jinlong had the highest status here so he was qualified to sit next to the princess.

There was another reason why everyone treated him so well.

There was a chance for a marriage alliance between Sun Shrouding and Jilin.

Neither sides have revealed their stance on this matter but there were rumors already about how the princess was going to inherit the clan’s dao legacy.

If this was the case, it meant that she would need to find a groom within the clan's system.

Many people believed that she would pick a prodigy from the side branches of the Jilin Clan or a tributary power to be her dao companion.

Because of this, everyone wanted to give it a shot.

Just imagine, marrying her was the same as a carp jumping over the dragon gate, more than just bringing honor to one’s ancestors.

It was a guaranteed bright future.

Of course, most were aware that ordinary people couldn’t win her favor but many prodigies didn’t want to give up.

If anyone could win her favor in this region, Jinlong would be one of them because it would be hard to find someone more exceptional than him among the sects’ successors.


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