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Chapter 1785: Heavenly Phoenix Princess

Opening the Thought Scripture wasn’t difficult.

One just needed to maintain their dao heart without succumbing to temptations and desires.

The degree of determination decided the number of pages flipped.

If one could persevere to the end, they would be able to open the complete scripture.

There was no doubt that Li Qiye had accomplished this task and won his prize.

He eventually opened his eyes and smiled while looking at the scripture in his hand.

“Purewood Divine Emperor, you have really thrown the scripture away.

Who else but you can have such decisiveness” Li Qiye commented with a tinge of emotion.

What did it mean for a cultivator to possess one of the nine heavenly scriptures It meant that they would never be able to let it go.

Even the emperors would try to hide this prized possession.

Even after cultivating the scripture, they would never release it to the world, unlike Purewood.

It didn’t matter what his thought process behind doing so, this was only a testament to his peerless willpower.

Li Qiye took a deep breath and opened the scripture.

He carefully read each word and praised the profound parts.

The content of the nine was unbelievably occult and impossible to decipher even for geniuses with ample time.

Alas, this wasn’t the case for Li Qiye since this was the master of the Physique, Death, and Space Scriptures.

He was very familiar with the content of this new one as well.


While Li Qiye was studying, the king of Heavenly Phoenix personally ran to the War-Monarch Clan in order to meet his daughter.

Heavenly Phoenix Princess was a distinguished character in Pure, not just because she was Jin Ge’s fiancee or that she was extremely beautiful and intelligent.

Her brilliance wasn’t overshadowed by Jin Ge.

She herself had amazing talents, resulting in her great cultivation.

More importantly, she possessed the ancestral bloodline of the Heaven Race.

Heavenly Phoenix belonged to the golem race while War-Monarch consisted of heaveners with their prestigious bloodline. [1]

People didn’t need to say much about the War-Monarch Clan.

This was a power with five emperors.

Some even believed that all five were still alive.

Such a lineage was, simply put, frighteningly invincible.

Furthermore, Jin Ge was an exceptional man who could have become an emperor.

Yet, he still chose the princess as his fiancee.

Just think about it, would he want her as his imperial queen if all she had was her beauty Of course not.

“Father, what’s the matter” The princess noticed her father’s worried demeanor and took her into the main hall.

The truth was that the two have already married.

However, Jin Ge waited to wait till after his ascension before preparing a grand ceremony for their wedding.

Thus, she had already been staying by his side and perform administrative duties for him.

“Huang’er was killed!” The haggard king told the princess: “Daughter, you must avenge your little brother!” [2]

The mourning of his son has made this once arrogant and happy king grown much older overnight.

“What! Where” The princess was shocked.

“At the Jilins.

It must have been their treacherous scheme.” The king shouted: “Daughter, he cannot rest unless we resolve this!”

The king became irascible and irrational as a result.

He didn’t care about the consequence for the only thing on his mind was vengefulness.

“Father, please calm down and explain everything.” The exceptional princess was much more composed and said slowly.

“Huang’er was killed in the Jilin’s Stone Workshop, it must have been a trap.” The king described the death of the prince.

The king only heard from others.

Of course, the prince’s followers naturally omitted his initial refusal to comply with the bet and didn’t tell the king.

But even if the king was aware of this, he wouldn’t have emphasized it at all.

In his mind, the crucial point was his dead son.

Nothing his son did matter for it was time for revenge.

The princess grimaced after hearing the story.

Being in her position, she had dealt with many problems and could see that this wasn’t the whole picture.

“Our country has no feud with the Jilin Clan.

Even if there were minor conflicts, that’s only between the young disciples, not to the level of an inter-sect conflict.

The workshop is a business, there’s no need for them to scheme against little brother.

They might not have anything to do with this.” The princess said after a quick rumination.

“Who else can it be! No one else would have dared to do anything in their territory without their permission! Plus, Heavenly Phoenix is notorious right now and the War-Monarch Clan is our backing, who would dare to provoke us but the Jilins!” The king raised his voice.

“Who is this Fiercest character” The princess asked with a serious tone.

She had ample resources on top of being quite knowledgeable but she had never heard of this title before, not even the tiniest impression.

“Only a mortal, you think a mortal would dare to kill my son! What a joke, it had to be the Jilins.” The king was hellbent on this belief.

To which the princess responded: “Not necessarily.

A mortal that dares to kill little brother can’t be that simple.

He must have an earth-shattering background.”

“I don’t give a damn about his origin! Daughter, mobilize troops for Jilin right now, tell them to hand that little animal over! I will flay his flesh as punishment and I want the Jilin to take responsibility for Huang’er’s death!” The king shouted again.

“Father, we can’t do this recklessly.

An imperial clan isn’t easy to mess with.

Even if this Li Qiye is with the Jilin Clan, a mobilization is still too much.

Not to mention that their Immortal Monarchs are still there, even if they aren’t, just the ancestors there are tough to deal with already.” The princess shook her head.

The king asserted: “Daughter, they can’t be stronger than the War-Monarchs.

You have ten million troops who follow all your orders right now, just say the words and mobilize.

The Jilins will certainly hand this Li Qiye over.”

“Dearest Father, this is not the time to act with personal feelings.

My troops are there for my husband’s imperial conquest, not for personal feuds! Plus, he had lost one chance already and must be successful the second time around.

I can’t spare even a single troop for anything other than this important goal.”

Jin Ge could have become a Grand Emperor last time but an army from Arrogance ambushed him during the ascension process, resulting in his failure!

Now, he only had two more chances of shouldering the Heaven’s Wills.

Even if he did his best, he could only have eight Heaven’s Wills, quite a gap from his true ambition.

Thus, he must be prudent this time around and guaranteed success.

“Daughter, virtuous son-in-law will definitely become a Grand Emperor.” The king didn’t disagree: “All of the imperial sects have agreed to protect him this time around, including some emperors.

Who would dare to ambush him again!” [3]

“We can’t be so sure of words.

Grand Emperors and Immortal Monarchs won’t come out so easily because the Heavenly Execution is always looming above.

Unless there was no other way, they wouldn’t come out to protect future descendants.

Husband toiled just to persuade some of these emperors but I still don’t think they will appear until the worst possible moment.

That’s why we still need an army for the second ascension.” The princess slowly explained.

“But your little brother’s death can’t end like this!” The king unhappily stated.

“Dearest Father, I will carefully investigate his death.

Please don’t blindly rush in.” The princess beseeched.

“Hmph! How long is an investigation going to take! Ten years or one hundred years!” The dissatisfied king waved his sleeve dismissively and left.

The princess gently sighed while watching her father walk away.

It wasn’t like she didn’t want to avenge her little brother.

In fact, the two of them were very close but as the future imperial queen, she couldn’t act on personal feelings and must always keep the overall picture in sight.

Otherwise, the War-Monarch Clan wouldn’t have given her military power.



Divine Race = divines; Heaven Race = heaveners; Devil Race = devils.

We’ll do this in order to make the text flow better from now on in certain situations. 


Huang here means Phoenix, er is just a cute affix to show love/closeness


What are your thoughts on when I overly include the pronouns/titles that are wordy and ugly in English It does create tones and show character relationships 


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