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Chapter 174 : Heavenly Sky Plate (2)

Such words just came out from Li Qiye, suddenly drawing numerous gazes.

What kind of joke was this A Virtuous Paragon True Treasure and Virtuous Paragon Longevity Treasure was not enough to enter his eyes! This type of boasting was way too big.

“Hah, really big tone yah.” A cultivator who knew Li Qiye’s background couldn’t help but sarcastically say: “Thirty thousand years ago, the Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect could probably boast like this, but the Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect of today is just a third-rate sect.

I’m afraid mustering all of its strength would not even be able to take out a single Virtuous Paragon True Treasure.

Today, just a junior from the Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect still has the nerve to bluster and not put a Virtuous Paragon True Treasure in his eyes, this matter is too ridiculous!”

Regarding this kind of sarcasm, Li Qiye didn’t bother to give notice to it even once.

From the three treasures, he took out the Six Beast Formation and said: “This formation can do.

However, wanting me to open this stone chest, just this formation volume alone will not do, you have to add another item.”

“What do you want” The old man couldn’t help but to become serious as he looked straight at Li Qiye.

Li Qiye leisurely and comfortably replied: “The item I want is very simple, if you have a Heavenly Sky Plate on your body, give it to me.

Then, I’ll help you open the stone chest!”

Li Qiye’s words caused great changes to the old man’s expression.

In a flash, his eyes turned into a whirlpool between the heaven and earth — incomparably resplendent.

It was capable of receiving the heaven and earth and refine the Nine Worlds with gods born inside.

The sudden brilliance in the old man’s eyes caused everyone to lose their colors.

Even Ancient Saints had to take a cold breath and they couldn’t help but to take a step back.

Suddenly, everyone understood that this deep and unmeasurable old man must not be vexed.

However, very soon after, the old man’s eyes faded again into a faint appearance.

He squinted his eyes and looked at Li Qiye, then he slowly said: “Little Boy, you don’t have a small appetite yah.”

Li Qiye was still carefree and smiled.

Then, he said: “My appetite has always been big.

However, other ideas need not to be said.

There is no item in this world that I cannot eat! You can think about it a bit, I won’t force a sale!”

The old man couldn’t help but narrow his eyes.

It was obvious that he was hesitating a bit.

Other people here didn’t know what the Heavenly Sky Plate in Li Qiye’s words was, but, this was the old man who easily took out a Virtuous Paragon True Treasure and Longevity Treasure, yet he was hesitating at this moment.

This sufficed to say that the Heavenly Sky Plate was absolutely incredible.

Li Qiye gently patted on the stone chest and leisurely said: “Wanting to obtain the item in this, how can it be possible without paying a little price Missing this opportunity, I’m afraid no one else will be able to open it.”

The old man paused for a bit, and he finally made a decision as he said: “Good, Boy, I’ll lose money this one time! As long as you can open this stone chest, the Six Beast Formation is yours, the Heavenly Sky Plate will also belong to you!” Finished speaking, he took out an ancient box and placed it on the floor.

Li Qiye picked it up and opened the ancient box.

Immediately, endless star lights rushed out of the box and illuminated the sky, turning into a boundless winding galaxy with the sun and moon appearing with inexhaustible and strange phenomena!

When the ancient box closed, the strange phenomena immediately vanished.

Although no one clearly saw what the Heavenly Sky Plate was, but seeing such a strange phenomenon like this, everyone knew that the thing called Heavenly Sky Plate was absolutely great.

“It really is the Heavenly Sky Plate.” Li Qiye was satisfied and slowly nodded his head as he said.

The old man narrowed his eyes at Li Qiye, and he slowly said: “Little Boy, it’s your turn.

However, you better not be boasting to the high heaven; if you can’t open the stone chest, watch out or else I will beat all of your teeth down to the ground!”

“What is difficult about this.” Li Qiye smiled and reached out to gently stroke the stone chest.

His touch was very soft.

It was as if he was rubbing a lover’s shoulder.

“Hmph, even if you touched it ten thousand times, it is still impossible to open this stone chest.” Seeing Li Qiye stroking the stone chest, someone was annoyed and coldly sneered.

However, Li Qiye ignored him and crouched down.

Then, he whispered softly next to the stone chest.

It was as if he was intimately whispering to his lover! No one could hear these soft words that were being said.

“Crack–” A clear and crisp sound appeared right when Li Qiye was standing up.

The unthinkable happened, and the stone chest was actually opened.

The whole area was suddenly in complete silence.

Everyone couldn’t believe — with their eyes wide open — that a stone chest unable to be opened by even an Emperor’s word was so easily cracked.

“What is that” At this point, people with keen eyes saw that inside the stone chest was a small gold coffin.

Seeing this item, they were stunned for a while.

Everyone thought that inside the stone chest would be a heaven-shattering treasure, but it was a small golden coffin!

The old man was very deft and grabbed the small golden coffin inside his chest at once.

His expression was like a treasure guardian embracing his gold.

It seemed as if he was afraid of it being robbed from him by others.

Many people failed to see this small golden coffin’s nature, but since it was already stored inside the old man’s chest, no one dared to ask him to take it out so that everyone could have a little look.

Momentarily, countless people felt itchy inside and wanted to know what the small golden coffin contained, but, since the old man didn’t say, other people didn’t have a method of finding out.

After a while, the old man finally hid his golden coffin well enough, so his old pair of eyes glared at Li Qiye and asked in astonishment: “How is this possible”

At this time, Li Qiye had the Six Beast Formation and the ancient box in his hand.

He looked at the old man’s eyes and calmly said: “Nothing is impossible, because I am Li Qiye!”

To such ordinary words, even Li Shuangyan and Chen Baojiao couldn’t help but to glance at each other.

This phrase was most likely the most confident statement in this world.

All of the fiercest rhetorics in this world would not be equal to this one phrase — “I am Li Qiye!”

In reality, not only the old man, but everyone else was amazed as they stared at Li Qiye.

Li Qiye easily opened something that even an Emperor’s Possession couldn’t — this matter was simply impossible! However, the truth was in front of them, they couldn’t deny it.

This sort of thing was downright demonic!

Li Qiye smiled and smiled some more, and he retreated while judging the two items in his hands with satisfaction.

He didn’t think he would have such a harvest.

However, thinking about the small golden coffin, he gently sighed.

“Dao Friend, how about selling the Heavenly Sky Plate to me” As Li Qiye was moving back, Ji Kongjian said in a deep tone.

Li Qiye didn’t even bat his eyelid as he replied: “Private item, not for sale.”

Ji Kongjian didn’t give up and continued: “As long as Dao Friend names a price, there is no item that my Trample Emptiness Mountain cannot afford.

As long as Dao Friend is willing to sell, Dao Friend will certainly be satisfied with the price!”

“Not selling!” Li Qiye was too lazy to waste words with Ji Kongjian.

He handed the Six Beast Formation along with the Heavenly Sky Plate to Li Shuangyan.

“Dao Friend shouldn’t flatly refuse and should reconsider it a little bit!” Ji Kongjian gravely said: “Doing a friendly favor for my Trample Emptiness Mountain is a very advantageous thing for your future!”

At this moment, Li Qiye lifted up his head and glanced at Ji Kongjian once, then he slowly retorted: “What about Trample Emptiness Mountain If Uncle doesn’t want to sell, not to mention the Trample Emptiness Mountain, but even if the grandpas from Strange Bamboo Mountain came, I still wouldn’t sell.

Don’t like it Bite me ah!”

Li Qiye saying this immediately sank Ji Kongjian’s expression.

Many people here glanced at each other; this brat was too arrogant, he even dared to offend Ji Kongjian!

“Hmph-” Finally, Ji Kongjian coldly snorted and turned around to leave.

Even though the anger in his mind was burning, but since he came from an Immortal Emperor’s lineage, he couldn’t force a sale in front of so many watchful eyes.

After all, the Trample Emptiness Mountain was a heritage with face!

“Oh, what a pity…” Seeing someone else picking up the pie falling from the sky, many people lamented and moved on one after another.

There were some with their eyes flashing cold lights, thinking about different ideas.

However, inside the Ancient Street, no one dared to blatantly rob because this was a taboo to all cultivators! Robbing blatantly in a marketplace was breaking the rule, and it was equivalent to creating enmity with all of the great characters who were selling items!

“We’ll have a stroll at other places.” Li Qiye smiled and said.

However, before Li Qiye left, the old man suddenly waved at Li Qiye.

Li Qiye smiled and stepped forward, then he leisurely asked: “So You have more treasures to give to me”

The old man squinted his eyes from laughter and said: “Treasure ah, this is not a difficult thing.

Hehe, Little Brother, I see that you have a wonderfully pure foundation — an Immortal Physique and Immortal Fate.

It’s hard to come by such an amazing genius every ten million years! This old man is untalented, but I have inexhaustible godly techniques, and I have a sudden fondness for Little Brother’s talent.

Why not think about it for a little bit and join my sect This old man will pass down to you supreme godly techniques.

In the future, you will shoulder the Heaven’s Will and sweep through the nine heavens and ten earths.

This will not be a difficult matter.”

The old man’s words caused Li Qiye to be unable to hold his laughter.

He looked at the old man and said: “These words sound like they came from a liar.

I am a Mortal Physique, Mortal Fate, and Mortal Wheel, how could I have an Immortal Physique and Immortal Fate Wanting to fool a child… Next time, find a more stupid person.”

“A Mortal Physique and Mortal Fate are still fine.” The old man busily continued: “Since the ancient past till now, countless wise sages had a Mortal Physique and Mortal Fate.

In the end, they climbed the peak and obtained invincibility.

Since the ancient past till now, people who became Immortal Emperors with Mortal Physiques are not few in number.

As long as Little Brother has a heart willing to seek the dao, Physiques and Fate Palaces are nothing.

This old man will pass down to you a supreme godly technique capable of breaking the chains of the Physique…”

“Although you persuade with a deluge of heavenly flowers with incomparable seduction, unfortunately, I am not interested.” Li Qiye turned around and left.

This time, the old man was really in a hurry, and he quickly said: “Wait, wait, Little Brother, this old man is truly loving your talents and truly wanting to accept you as a disciple! I’m definitely not trying to fool you.

If Little Brother is afraid that I am trying to fool you, then how about this, hehe, these two Virtuous Paragon treasures will be the greeting presents of us two master and disciple!” Having said this, the old man quickly grabbed the Virtuous Paragon treasures on the ground and placed it into Li Qiye’s chest.

Such a scene caused the group of Li Shuangyan’s eyes to be foolish in a daze.

For any cultivator, no one wouldn’t want to accept a wise man as a teacher.

If they were able to obtain a wise man’s dao instruction, their future would be promising, and their dao cultivation would have great results with little work.


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