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The battle between Li Qiye and the four siblings raged on until the celestials lost their colors and the world became bleak.

This was a battle of the Emperor Assailant level; the aura engulfed each corner of the Mortal Emperor World.

Many existences trembled because of this as if the end of the world was approaching.

The four siblings turned into divine beasts and had a perfect combination offense.

It was polished during their hellish time in the Immortal Confinement.

They relied on it to survive through the cruel and arduous days.

Four grand completion physiques in the form of divine beasts on top of a perfect combination art resulted in a horrifying power.

Even an Emperor Assailant would be powerless before them.

They would need to have an ultimate move to take one of their siblings out before the four could use their combination art.

Otherwise, the four siblings would trap and kill them with ease.

Meanwhile, the godfiend from the fusion of the twelve physiques had unimaginable power.

Just think about it, one person was in possession of the twelve physiques, this was quite a frightening matter.

Speed, strength, and defense were instantly boosted to the top level.

Prior to this, Li Qiye said that just fighting together didnt mean that it would be effective.

This new godfiend was the perfect example of this.

It wasnt just twelve physiques fighting together at the same time.

It had unbelievable advantages with this perfection fusion since all the aspects of fighting rose like a storm to an unfathomable level!

It became an unkillable existence with a speed hundreds of time faster than lighting and enough power to crush everything.

If it wasnt for the perfect combination art with their physiques, the four siblings would have lost long ago. 

The experts and ancestors from Soaring Immortal were stunned.

They thought that their imperial princes were untouchable but even the four of them together could only manage to keep up against Li Qiye.

Just how frightening was this man

The two sides were as fast as a falling meteor.

Ordinary cultivators couldnt see anything; only Emperor Assailants could see the details of their attacks.

“Rumble!” The crevice of the sky was being broken to pieces by this battle just like a great tribulation.

In a short time, they have exchanged several thousand moves with their amazing speed.

While the godfiend was fighting against the siblings, Li Qiye kept his focus on the sky and even perused the entire world.

However, he didnt find anything, especially not his enemies.

He was certain that there were still lucky survivors from the Ancient Ming.

They were still hiding and would definitely keep an eye on this battle.

Alas, there was not even a trace of them in sight.

The race had a heaven-defying artifact that made it prohibitively difficult to kill all of them.

Nevertheless, Li Qiye was still confident and waited for when his piece would bring him to the lair of the Ancient Ming!

Because of the lack of response, Li Qiye understood that maintaining this course was useless.

It was time to be crueler.

“Time to end this.” He stepped into the battlefield and smiled.

“Buzz.” In this split second, Li Qiye and the godfiend fused together.

He was still the same while the godfiend disappeared into his body. 

Endless rays of light oozed from his body that was resembling a universe.

This seemed to be the primordial eruption.

The resulting radiance made it unbearable for the inhabitants of Mortal Emperor.

All closed their eyes from discomfort.

After he took back in all the light, an immortal ray floated around him and divided itself into twelve rings that circled continuously.

Each of them seemed like its own domain.

“Rumble!” He began to shatter space and used an unparalleled speed to attack the four siblings in their beast form.

He was swift to the point where the four powerful siblings couldnt keep up with him entirely.

Even those powerful enough to watch the fight earlier became a bit dazed when Li Qiye took it up a notch.

“Boom!” Blood spattered everywhere.

The four siblings couldnt stop this new form of his and took a rough beating.

They were instantly blown millions of miles away.

This attack quaked the entire sky.

Half of his attack was absorbed by the Black Tortoise Prince with his Indestructible Diamond Physique.

He took the full brunt of the attack so he was completely stained with blood.

However, the other three still couldnt withstand it. 

“Any other moves” Li Qiye floated in the in the sky like a true immortal and looked down on all creation.

Not to mention Emperor Assailants, even Emperor Contenders were afraid of his current state!

The four siblings glanced at each other.

Their current form was still no match for Li Qiye so they bit their teeth and decided to go all out!

“Ah!” They screamed miserably with rays of immortal lights breaking out of their chest.

They looked to have their own consciousness, wishing to come out of the fours body.

After coming out, they turned into laws.

These laws were different from laws of the myriad dao.

They carried arks not belonging to this world.

When these marks appeared, they seemed to be sucking in all the types of energy available, such as seven emotions and six desires.

It was the lord of all existences anger and hatred.

“Clank!” These laws came together in an instant.

Finally, the four joined together and turned into a gigantic and bizarre monster.

It had the head of an azure dragon, the body of a white tiger, the wings of a vermillion bird, and the shell of a black tortoise.

Its size was simply unimaginable.

One stomp could crush the galaxy.

If it were to land on Mortal Emperor, it could crush the entire Grand Sea into dust.

The scarier part was its breath sweeping through Mortal Emperor and seizing the power of all emotions

Other beings were simply ants in comparison.

It could swing its hand and flatten the entire world!


Not only did the four of you able to withstand the torment of the prison, you also stored it inside your body, using this power from an ancient epoch to sharpen your own Immortal Physique.

Thats some innovation for sure.” Li Qiye smiled while looking at the beast.

So it turned out that during the torture inside the prison, a terrible power was eating away at their body.

However, as time passed, they began to understand this power and store it inside.

When they used this power, it would allow the four of them to fuse together with perfection. 

“Boom! Boom! Boom!” The monster stepped forward and crushed the stars.

It wanted to put an end to Li Qiye.

Li Qiye let out a battle cry and channeled his twelve physiques.

The twelve rings lit up and it turned his body gigantic as well, comparable to the other monster.

He met the monsters advance with a punch.

“Rumble!” The two sides turned the sky into a scene of chaos.

Firmaments were being destroyed.

Their sheer size alone was world-destroying; there was no need for techniques and merit laws.

The most exquisite technique would still be crushed by their absolute strength.

The horrified existences in Mortal Emperor were hoping that this terrible war would end soon.

Otherwise, a single stomp from either one would massacre countless inhabitants.


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