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After entering Discover, Li Qiye and the monarch felt its ancient aura.

He couldnt help but take a deep breath. 

It seemed to have been brewing for millions of years.

Thus, a single breath brought along this boundless time period with an intangible sad melody.

“Discover City.” He smacked his lips and commented: “Such an unforgettable feeling.”

“Do you know about this one defining snack at Discover that people cant get tired of” He looked at the monarch who had the disguise of a servant and said.

“Defining snack” The monarch was caught off guard.

The majority of cultivators werent big eaters, especially at their level.

There was no need to eat food and grains.

But now, when Li Qiye brought up this mortal event, of course, the monarch became surprised.

“Come, Ill take you, haha.

You wont be able to find it yourself.” Li Qiye smiled and continued on his way.

There were many inhabitants in this old city.

It was very bustling and busy at this moment.

Characters from all over the world visited to congratulate the Yu Clan.

They didnt invite anyone to celebrate Yu Taijuns successful death meditation but big shots came anyway to see her.

Li Qiye seemed to ignore all of this and took the monarch from one street to another through the sea of people.

She has been to Discover before but Li Qiye was much more familiar with each street.

After taking many twists and turns, the monarch felt a bit dizzy and couldnt tell the direction.

She only knew that she was still in Discover.

They finally made it to a narrow and long alley devoid of light.

It was very quiet with no one around.

It looked like this was a slum with tattered buildings.

Many of which had been abandoned.

Only old and feeble men lived here.

They came to a tiny pub with a small entrance and a banner with the word “Feng”.

The word was fading from its age and virtually illegible. [1]

Even mortals didnt want to hang around this pub, let alone cultivators.

Li Qiye slightly smiled after seeing the banner before entering the pub.

The monarch thought Li Qiye would take her to an old restaurant to eat something special, not such a run-down pub.

They found this place to be really small with only a few tables and some randomly placed stools.

The counter was positioned inconspicuously in the corner with a faint oil lamp.

It was so weak that just a small breeze could blow it out.

Because of it, this tiny pub had some semblance of light.

Otherwise, it would have been even darker.

The old man was lying on the counter with a light green robe.

It was quite simple without any ornaments.

Who knows how long he has been wearing this robe It was turning white from being washed too many times.

Nevertheless, this old robe was still very clean without a speck of dust.

It looked like the old man was very diligent with his hygiene.

He had a very righteous appearance.

Despite the wrinkles, his features were bold and strong as if he was carved from a powerful blade.

He seemed to be sleeping peacefully; nothing in this world mattered to him.

The monarch had no comment regarding this pub.

She thought that there would be a separate domain inside but this wasnt the case.

Li Qiye walked to the counter and gently tapped to say: “You have some guests.”

The old man woke up.

He slowly opened his old eyes and stared carefully at Li Qiye.

Alas, it seemed that his aged eyes couldnt see Li Qiye clearly regardless of how wide he opened them.

Because of this, he had to rub his eyes.

“What, I have something on my face Or am I even prettier than some beauties” Li Qiye chuckled and said leisurely.

The old man was silent for a moment before speaking dispiritedly: “Sir, what do you need”

“One jar of Shaoxing wine and a portion of anise beans.” Li Qiye ordered before looking for a stool to sit down.

“Alright.” The old man replied quietly and came to the back.

A flurry of sound came about.

The monarch was still at a loss about Li Qiyes intention and had to take another look at the pub.

“Okay, no need to look around.

Sit down.” Li Qiye patted the stool next to him and smiled at the woman.

She sat beside him without saying anything.

A while later, the old man brought a plate of anise-flavored beans and a jar of wine to the table: “Take your time.”

He then went back to resting on the counter with his chin first to stare at the two, especially Li Qiye.

Li Qiye ignored his stare and poured a cup for both him and the monarch: “This is quite rare.


He raised his cup and drank slowly.

The monarch assumed that this would be very delicious and followed suit.

“Ugh..” When the wine streamed down her throat, she immediately stopped and almost spat everything out.

This might be the worst and cheapest wine she has ever tasted in her life.

She garnered that only the poorest mortals would drink this type of wine not even worth a single bronze coin.

There were no words to describe this awful taste, even worse than drinking horse urine.

The problem was that Li Qiye had no difficulty drinking it.

He took his time as if this was the best wine in the world, that it could turn someone into an immortal.

She simply tried her best to swallow this terrible wine.

Her scalp tingled and she put the cup down after one gulp.

Li Qiye relished the experience and eventually asked her: “You want to try some beans”

She had no appetite after looking at them and shook her head.

Li Qiye just smiled and grabbed a handful.

He peeled before throwing them into his mouth and chewed with crispy noise.

He took a sip then ate more beans as if they were delicacies.

The monarch had no words while watching.

Are these the special food he was talking about Maybe Fiercest had some strange urges compared to others.

The guy went on like a leisure immortal enjoying his meal.

Meanwhile, the shopkeeper was still staring at Li Qiye as if something about the guy was attracting his attention.

He didnt care about the monarch at all.

Li Qiye didnt care like before and continued eating and drinking.

Eventually, loud noises came from outside.

Next, a group filed inside the small pub from the dark entrance.

This tiny pub was filled right away with more than ten newcomers.

The group immediately surrounded the two.

The monarch took note of their clothing and became startled.

This was the Yu Clan.

“Fourth Uncle, its this brat!” A youth pointed at Li Qiye.


Feng is a character in the citys name, Discover.

Feng alone here means wind/news/style


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