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Chapter 1508: Legendary Godking

As Ling Fengyun sat high above in the sky, it looked as if all sentient beings must bow down to him.

Even the strongest must prostrate at his feet.

The goddess had to ask: “How does he actually compare to you, Ancestor”

Of course, the disciples from the pavilion would think that the Hallowed Ancestor was invincible.

In fact, he was immensely mighty.

Otherwise, he wouldn’t have been the dao protector of two sea gods.

She wasn’t blinded by this.

Despite being confident in her ancestor’s strength, she was still ready for the worst.

“Difficult to say.” The ancestor answered: “If I was younger, Ling Fengyun wouldn’t be a problem.

But now, my old bones can’t endure much longer.

I don’t even know if I can perform the seventh style due to my withering vitality.”

The goddess shuddered after hearing this.

No wonder he wanted to make a deal with Li Qiye.

His circumstances weren’t favorable any longer.

His life depleting meant the withering of his blood energy.

He could fight several times without an issue, but if he pushed it too much, it would accelerate his death.

No wonder the Seashield Prince was so confident in the past.

If Fengyun actually became his protector, it would be difficult to find someone who could stop them.

She murmured: “Fengyun is very powerful then.”

The ancestor smiled and said: “This is still a Legendary Godking, after all.

How could he not be strong Moreover, he has sealed himself long ago.

Because of this, he is still as young as before — this is a great advantage compared to the other old geezers.

He can still last for another era, but not me.”

“A Legendary Godking It’s not just a myth” She was surprised.

He explained: “Of course, it’s just that ordinary Godkings can’t touch this level.

In the world, Legendary Godkings are at the pinnacle of the path of the grand era.

They are the real Emperor Assailants.”

Godkings also had their own classifications.

On the path of the grand era, they are Grand Godking, Heavenly Godking, Supreme Godking, Apex Godking, World-Dominating Godking, and Nine Worlds’ Godking!

Because few people could make contact with Legendary Godkings, ordinary cultivators weren’t aware of this level.

“How is it defined” The goddess felt curious about this legend.

Some ancestors in their pavilion believed that the Hallowed Ancestor was a Legendary Godking himself.

However, no one knows the exact details since Hallowed has never talked about this matter.

The future generations haven’t seen him in action either.

Thus, there were too many speculations about this particular level.

“The world has a different perspective compared to the true masters.” The ancestor chuckled and elaborated: “We’ll start with Emperor Assailants.

The assailants in the minds of the masses are capable of fighting against an emperor for one hundred moves and up.

Some old men even decided to flatter themselves.

After fighting against an emperor once, they would call themselves an Emperor Assailant even if they lost after thirty or fifty moves.”

The ancestor continued: “The juniors don’t know and think that they’re the real deal.

Meanwhile, the masters would only laugh at this type of existence as they would view the qualification of several hundred moves as inadequate!”

The goddess inquired: “Then what are the real Emperor Assailants”

Hallowed smilingly answered: “At the top, the correct evaluation for an assailant would start at being a Legendary Godking.

The truth is that ordinary people usually consider Nine Worlds’ Godkings to be assailants, but they can only exchange moves with an emperor at best.”

She couldn’t help asking: “How about sea gods then”

“In fact, there are strong and weak sea gods.

Of course, with the Trident in place, this difference becomes vaguer.

However, without the weapon, one can see the disparity instantly.

If this wasn’t the case, people wouldn’t be praising our Prime Sea God as the strongest.

To compare sea gods and emperors, a sea god with a trident isn’t only an assailant.

They become contenders that can proudly stand with the emperors!”

“Really” Her expression changed after hearing this.

“I’m only saying that it’s possible.” The ancestor chuckled: “There are disparities among sea gods, but the same goes for emperors.

Take our Prime Sea God for example; even without the Trident, he could already fight evenly with Immortal Emperor Mu Zhuo, so with the weapon, he could probably suppress the emperor.

However, if it was a different emperor, it wouldn’t be the same, such as Immortal Emperor Jiao Heng, Immortal Emperor Fei, Immortal Emperor Fei Yang, and Immortal Emperor Hao.

I’m afraid even if our ancestor had the Trident, it still wouldn’t be easy to contend against them!”

“Then what about grand completion Immortal Physiques versus sea gods” After seeing that the ancestor was in the mood to talk today, the goddess humbly asked for guidance.

“In the eyes of the world, both grand completion Immortal Physiques and sea gods are the same and capable of contending against emperors.

However, there is an inaccuracy in this.” The ancestor explained: “If a Legendary Godking has a grand completion Immortal Physique as well, then this person can certainly fight an emperor.”

“As for a Nine Worlds’ Godking at grand completion, it would be a dangerous endeavor.

Moreover, there are differences among Immortal Physique Laws as well.

Cultivating a good or bad one has a direct effect on the power of the physique.

However, from the perspective of a Legendary Godking, both grand completion and being a sea god are the same level.”

This was an enlightening conversation for the goddess.

“How about a sea god plus a grand completion physique” She had a different question this time.

“Are you talking about the Roaring Conch Sea God” He smiled: “Hard to say, his era was too long ago without too much information on it.

Some said that his Void Physique didn’t reach grand completion while others believed the opposite.

But regardless of whether he had it or not, it can’t be used as a reference point because he was born during Immortal Emperor Jiao Heng’s generation.

That was his tragedy.

It didn’t matter if he reached grand completion or not, he had to act nicely before a monster like Immortal Emperor Jiao Heng.

Otherwise, the emperor’s words alone wouldn’t have trapped his son for a lifetime.”

The goddess pondered for a bit.

She had also heard the legends about the Roaring Conch Sea God among the sea demons.

He had great achievements but was completely suppressed due to being in the same era as Immortal Emperor Jiao Heng.

This made the Roaring Conch quiet for a long period.

Otherwise, it could have been even more brilliant.

Maybe they would have a third sea god as well.

She thought about a loftier existence and asked: “Ancestor, what about the Black Dragon King”

“The Black Dragon King!” Hallowed turned quiet for a bit when this awe-inspiring title was brought up.

He eventually answered: “The Black Dragon King is an exception, he’s unique across the ages.”

Even a character like the Hallowed Ancestor didn’t wish to talk about the Black Dragon King.

The goddess wasn’t stupid and could see the hesitation.

She had enough and spoke while looking at the man above the clouds: “According to the rumors, Ling Fengyun is an Emperor Assailant.”

“He can indeed be considered one with common sense.” The ancestor said: “However, a few top existences wouldn’t agree.”

She inquisitively countered: “Why is that Isn’t he still a Legendary Godking”

“He’s one but not without flaws.” The ancestor explained: “His background isn’t good enough.

As a golem born in Heaven Spirit and hailing from a small sect, he has some deficiencies.

Because his cultivation laws at the start were insufficient, his grand dao has the same problem and can’t reach perfection.

Ultimately, he defied all odds and became a Legendary Godking, but these flaws have affected his achievements.” He sighed at this point.

“He has fought against Immortal Emperor Hao Hai before.

Even though no one saw the fight, in my estimation of his strength, he could probably withstand two to three hundred moves from the emperor.

Of course, if it was a different emperor, he could last even longer.

Unfortunately, he met an incredible emperor during his period.

Hypothetically, if Fengyun came from an imperial lineage or cultivated a better merit law early on so that his grand dao wouldn’t have flaws, maybe his achievements would be even greater.

It is precisely his background that made him give up on becoming an emperor and choose the path of the grand era instead.

However, regardless of his shortcomings, in my personal opinion, he is still considered an Emperor Assailant, being a Legendary Godking and all.”


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