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Chapter 146 : Silence in all Directions (2)

When their descendant, Jiang Zuo Hou, died in the hands of the Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect’s disciple, they could only grit their teeth and wish to immediately destroy the Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect!

Inside the Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect, Li Qiye was sitting in his room and had opened his Fate Palace.

His two Fate Palaces were floating on top of his head — one large and one small.

The large one was his Master Fate Palace and the small one was his Vice Fate Palace.

The small Fate Palace was his second Fate Palace.

It was opened when he reached the grand completion stage of the Provisional Palace realm.

At this time, inside his Master Palace, his True Fate closed its eyes and was absorbing the world’s essence while his Kun Peng was refining this energy nonstop to create a new dao foundation.

At this moment, his Life Wheel began to move and his blood energy was like the rivers running into the ocean.

Round after round of blood became Longevity Blood and was stored in his Life Wheel.

Meanwhile, his Revolving Crescent Sun Merit Law was sustaining his Yin Yang Sea of Blood with an endless circulation and cycle.

The Yin Yang blood flowed towards the Life Wheel, giving it energy to increase its rotation.

This in turn made the whole process of refinement even faster.

As the Yin Yang blood flew into the wheel, it became brighter and his Life Ring increased one by one.

This scene meant that his lifespan was increasing year by year.

Unless it was an external death, his lifespan would be much longer than an ordinary mortal.

Li Qiye had reached the Inner Longevity realm at this time.

In reality, he already reached this level back in the Evil Infested Ridge, and he was closer to the second level of the Inner Longevity realm.

The Inner Longevity realm had three levels.

From lowest to highest, they are in the following order: First Treasure Tempering, Second Essence Polymerization, Third Flowing Life Wheel.

Treasure Tempering was changing one’s blood energy into a Longevity Treasure.

All cultivators at this level, no matter their origin, required their own Longevity Treasure whether they be inherited or using Life Rings to take form.

Without the help of a Longevity Treasure, the refinement of Longevity Blood would be a lot slower than others.

Thus, cultivators in the small sects without any other alternative would use their cheapest Life Ring to create a Longevity Treasure.

Then, one day, when they are stronger, they would change it.

At the very least, the price to pay for changing the Longevity Treasure was much cheaper than changing a True Fate Treasure.

Li Qiye had a Longevity Treasure from long ago; it was the Yin Yang Sea of Blood.

The truth was that he already had it way before the Treasure Tempering level, and he had already refined it many times as well.

With all of this, Li Qiye easily crossed this level.

The Essence Polymerization level was about absorbing the essence of the heaven and earth to empower the original blood energy then refine it into Longevity Blood! To cultivators, blood energy and the world’s essence were not the ultimate existences; Longevity Blood was the ultimate existence.

It not only contained the essence and life of a person, but also the tempered world’s essence.

There was a phrase amongst cultivators: if one expended their last drop of Longevity Blood, then their death was near!

The Revolving Crescent Sun Merit Law was very powerful regarding the refinement of Longevity Blood.

With the help of the Yin Yang Sea of Blood, Li Qiye had an easy time creating his Longevity Blood.

After tempering time and time again, his Longevity Blood was full and hidden inside his Life Wheel.

Flowing Life Wheel was the process of using the Longevity Treasure to strengthen the body and the Life Wheel.

Cultivators at this level would be able to increase their life essence as well as their lifespan.

This was when cultivators would escape the confinement of mortality.

The Longevity Treasure would lengthen one’s lifespan, and the Life Wheel would give birth to additional Life Ring layers.

One layer of a Life Ring was equivalent to one year.

When the Life Wheel has one thousand layers, that meant the Flowing Life Wheel stage reached grand completion, as well as the Inner Longevity realm, and the cultivator would be ready for the next realm — Heaven’s Mandate.

Grand completion of the Inner Longevity realm meant that one had a one thousand year lifespan.

In principle, even if one’s cultivation remained the same in the future, they would still be able to live for one thousand years.

Of course, if they died an accidental death or were killed, this would be a different matter! The truth was that cultivators at the grand completion of this realm rarely ever lived to one thousand years of age.

One day, an enemy would find them, or they would travel into a dangerous ground.

The Life Ring continued to spin, and this meant that Li Qiye’s lifespan was increasing.

Some time later, Li Qiye stopped pouring his Yin Yang Sea of Blood into the Life Wheel.

He then opened his second new Fate Palace.

Inside this second Fate Palace, the Spring of Life was flourishly flowing, the Tree of Life was shining, and the Cauldron of Life was burning with rage…


However, there was no True Fate inside the second Fate Palace.

This was the biggest difference between the Master Palace and a Vice Palace.

The place where the True Fate should be located had a Dao Bone instead!

This Dao Bone belonged to Little Silly.

Li Qiye brought it back with him from the Evil Infested Ridge.

When Li Qiye was channeling the Spring of Life, activating the Tree of Life, and borrowing the Spring of Life, he used these life energies to refine this Dao Bone one more time.

It became shinier, and after countless refinements, it faintly contained universal truths of string-like thinness as if it was cocooning a new life.

The Cauldron of Life inside the Fate Palace, along with the Spring of Life, Tree of Life, and Pillar of Life, could offer their power to strengthen life essence.

However, many former sages did not believe that the true mysteries of the Spring and Cauldron of Life were limited to just life essence strengthening.

As for the genuine profoundness of these these two, there were very few people who were clear regarding their true properties since the ancient ages.

For cultivators with a Master Palace and Vice Palaces, the True Fate would be inside the Master Palace along with the True Fate Treasure.

This was to protect the True Fate as well as having some offensive usage!

As for the treasure inside the Vice Palace, this was the difference between a True Fate Treasure and a Fate Treasure! However, a Life Treasure was also different.

For example, Life Treasures that were not refined, or Life Treasures that were not groomed.

This meant that the Life Treasure was inherited from a predecessor, or a cultivator might have refined it but would not feed it in the future.

This Life Treasure would not increase in rank any further.

Cultivators could still use it, but it would remain at the same level.

As for how many Life Treasures could be stored within the Fate Palace, however many one had was the amount that could be stored.

In fact, the Fate Palace’s space was gigantic.

As long as one was powerful enough, even the heaven and earth could be stored inside.

However, a groomed Life Treasure or a Cultivating Life Treasure was different.

One Fate Palace could only cultivate one Life Treasure.

At this time, the Cauldron of Life and the Spring of Life would only refine and pour energy into this single Life Treasure.

This meant that during this process, one Fate Palace could only grow one Life Treasure.

This Cultivating Life Treasure would increase in realms along with the cultivator, and its power would be very mysterious.

It would change along with the refinement method.

To cultivators, to use the Cauldron of Life inside the Fate Palace and one’s life energy to refine a Life Treasure would only require two materials.

One was Grand Dao Treasure Metals, and the other was the Dao Bones of Heavenly Beasts.

There was a big difference between Grand Dao Treasure Metals and Heavenly Beast’s Dao Bones.

There was a ranking limit for a Grand Dao Treasure Metal.

Any of them could be refined into an Immortal Emperor’s Life Treasure as long as the refiner was powerful enough.

However, it was different for Heavenly Beast’s Dao Bones.

When one obtained the Dao Bone, whatever rank the Heavenly Beast it belonged to was then the rank of the refined Life Treasure, it would never surpass this rank.

Even though this was the case, many cultivators still liked to use Dao Bones to create their Life Treasure.

The reason was very simple — the Life Treasures made from Dao Bones would have the power and image of the Heavenly Beast.

For example, if one used the Dao Bone of a Heavenly Wild Lion King to create a Life Treasure, then this treasure would not only have the power of the cultivator’s refinement technique, but also the godly power of the Heavenly Wild Lion King.

Using a Grand Dao Life Metal to create a Life Treasure had no limitation, but its true potential was much weaker than a Dao Bone Life Treasure, which always had powerful strength to begin with.

Li Qiye used the spring water to pour life energy into the Dao Bone of Little Silly.

To Li Qiye, this was not a simple refinement of a Life Treasure using a Dao Bone.

To him, Little Silly had great significance.

Little Silly was innately special and could even be considered supremely peerless.

However, when it was young, it’s life essence was very weak and needed to transform over and over again.

Because of this, Li Qiye, after capturing it from the Ancient Earth, had entrusted it to Immortal Emperor Min Ren to take care of it in the west of the Evil Infested Ridge.

That was a forbidden ground, and it was the most suitable home for Little Silly.

As long as there was an ample amount of time, one day, Little Silly would become an existence that even the gods would fear! In reality, several ten thousand years ago, Little Silly was already frighteningly powerful enough.

However, during his slumber, Little Silly was unexpectedly killed.

To Li Qiye, this was a clear provocation to his authority.

He would sooner or later find the one who committed the deed to settle the score.

After Li Qiye poured the Spring of Life’s water and life energy inside the Dao Bone for an unknown amount of time, there was finally a distinct presence from the Dao Bone.

Li Qiye was relieved; it seems that there was still hope.

In Li Qiye’s eyes, as long as there was a faint presence, it simply meant that one day, there would inevitably be an invincible general reappearing in this heaven and earth!


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