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Chapter 1311: Sea Aberration

Fear spread throughout the crowd as they watched the corpses floating on the ocean.

Several hundred Ice-spirit Sea Demons and Blazing-serum Treants were drained dry.

All of their blood energy had been devoured by Li Qiye.

A cultivator murmured while quivering: “This is too terrifying, what an evil art.”

Another sect master commented: “These two races are done for.

All of their elites, even high elders, have died here.

They won’t be able to rise again.

This is the result of greed, participating for an unobtainable bounty only to pay with their lives.”

Many people quietly reflected on the situation.

The two races were mortal enemies, always in a state of discord.

But now, they actually worked together for once only to be slaughtered completely.

What a tragic tale.

“That was really filling.” Li Qiye recalled his cauldron of life and faintly smiled.

His eyes then turned towards the sky as he flatly said: “What else you got Bring it.”

A thunderous voice came from the sky as if something was blown open: “Show the decree!”

In an instant, a divine order with a majestic will descended.

Its holy text ordered the nine heavens and myriad realms.

Someone shouted in amazement: “The decree of a sea god!”

This type of decree was written down by a living sea god.

The moment it came out, the user would have control over its divinity.

Some decrees had specific purposes while others were more general.

The former mostly consisted of agreements between a sea god and a certain race or person.

After the sea god passed away, the descendants of the other party could also use this decree to command others.

A general purpose decree was a form of willpower used to suppress enemies.

It was quite powerful since it represented the sea god.

Ordinary cultivators couldn’t oppose it at all.

This particular decree didn’t suppress Li Qiye.

Its holy text and runes fell into the sea and disappeared shortly after.

The water was still calm, so no one knew of its effects just yet.

“Boom!” While the spectators were thinking about what the decree would do, a tsunami flooded the sky and flipped over the earth.

“Rumble!” The entire sea quaked with continuous rumbles.

Even the sealed space with Li Qiye inside was quaking nonstop, making it seem as if the seal could break at any moment.

“Retreat!” Liu Ruyan was startled and immediately gave the order.

After the boat from the Evil Devourer School retreated, the spectators followed suit.

Even though they didn’t know what the item was, if the Evil Devourer School chose to retreat, it must be something major.

Gigantic tentacles emerged from the bottom of the ocean.

Each of them was a thousand miles long.

“Boom!” They crowded the sealed space and immediately shattered it.

The pillars floating on the sea broke apart as well.

“Rumble!” They danced in the sky while wreaking havoc.

Each was as long as a mountain range, creating stormy tsunamis that towered for countless miles.

The evacuators were shaken to see this scene from a distance.

“What is that monster” Many people found these gigantic appendages difficult to believe.

“How could this be” The effect of this decree was beyond their imagination.

They didn’t think that this monster could destroy the sealed space just by awakening.

Of course, some were secretly celebrating after the initial shock because the stronger this sea monster was, the greater the chance of it killing Li Qiye.

“Bang!” An even more terrorizing scene unraveled.

The feelers on these gigantic tentacles began to suck up the water in this region.

The seawater here was suddenly being drained away at a rapid pace.

The sea surface rose higher and a monstrosity appeared before them.

It was a gigantic kraken, capable of easily crushing great mountains.

Its body itself was monstrous in size while its long tentacles had huge feelers capable of devouring everything like tiny black holes.

The kraken opened its eyes that resembled two bright moons, brightening up the whole sea.

“What, what is this sea monster” People gasped in the face of this monster.

Everyone could imagine these tentacles easily pinching paragons to death.

“An Emperor Kraken, a sea monster that ravaged the Dragon Demon Sea for a short period of time.” An old paragon recognized this monster.

His eyes flashed with shock as he elaborated: “Legend states that a God-Monarch once challenged this monster but was torn to pieces alive.

Later on, this creature met a sea god and disappeared afterward.

Who would have thought that it was sleeping here.”

Sea monsters were unique to the great oceans in Heaven Spirit.

There were many of them and they were particularly formidable.

They were different from sea demons.

Sea monsters didn’t cultivate and would maintain their original form.

Moreover, they were solitary creatures without groups.

Because they didn’t have any intelligence and maintained their original form, they could live for a long time and become extremely powerful while gaining unique characteristics.

They would either grow to unbelievable sizes or were highly toxic.

Some had magical gifts as well.

A cultivator curiously asked: “Which sea god was it”

The old paragon didn’t want to answer.

Of course he knew which sea god subdued this kraken, it was just that he didn’t want to invite trouble to himself.

The will of the sea god descending from the sky had awakened this slumbering sea monster.

“Bang!” Its huge tentacles immediately attacked Li Qiye.

One could easily imagine their world-destroying power.

Space was torn asunder as the winds hissed through the sky.

However, before these tentacles could touch Li Qiye, he instantly disappeared and reappeared on the other end to look at the kraken with a smile.

The beast reacted quickly.

Another tentacle aimed for Li Qiye’s new location with lightning speed.

Alas, even if it was faster, it was no match for Li Qiye.

He disappeared once more to another location.

“Boom! Boom! Boom!” In just a moment, the kraken’s long tentacles slammed down on this world, creating huge tidal waves.

A calamity had descended on this sea region; the end of time was approaching.

Li Qiye’s figure kept flashing back and forth in the sky.

Because his speed of teleportation was too fast, his shadows were left in the sky.

Eventually, these remnant images were everywhere.

At the same time, the tentacles crazily attacked with enough speed to seem like countless dancing serpents.

The sky was full of these tentacles as well.

The spectators were dazed from this dance between the two combatants.

They were truly too fast; no one could see them clearly.

“Bang!” At this moment, the kraken that was using the seawater to float higher fell down.

Monstrous waves were generated from its impact.

At this point, people saw a bizarre scene.

The winding tentacles of the kraken were unexpectedly twisted together.

It had become a giant meatball, struggling to loosen the knots.

Alas, the more it tried, the tighter the tentacles became, as if they were trying to strangle it to death.

“You dare to prance around in front of me with your low intelligence” Li Qiye looked at the desperately struggling kraken.

Li Qiye deliberately planned a route during his evasion so that the attacking tentacles would tie each other into an inescapable knot.

Everyone looked dumbfounded to see this giant meatball.

The kraken’s body couldn’t support its current posture and sank into the sea.


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